HYBRIFLEX® RRH Optical Fiber Cable, 1 Single Strand, Ruggedized Bend-Insensitive Single-Mode Fiber, LC to Elongated LC Clip, 50 ft

Rev : C | Rev date : 22 Feb 2021


RFS’ HYBRIFLEX Remote Radio Head (RRH) hybrid feeder cabling solution combines any combination of optical fiber and/or DC power for RRHs in a single lightweight armored or unarmored cable, making it the world’s most innovative solution for RRH deployments. Hybrid, Fiber Optic and DC riser trunk and jumper cables are available in a large variety of fiber counts, DC counts and cross sections. Both pre-connectorized and on-site options are available.


  • Ruggedized, bend-insensitive fiber design with outstanding bending characteristics
  • Lightweight solution and compact design – Decreases tower loading
  • Robust cabling – Eliminates need for expensive cable trays and ducts
  • Installation of tight bundled fiber optic cable pair directly to the RRH – Reduces CAPEX and wind load by eliminating need for interconnection
  • Outdoor, black jacket – Ensures long-lasting cable protection
  • 100% Factory tested - Online test results available



Cable Type   HYBRIFLEX®
Fire Performance   Flame Retardant
Lengthm (ft)15.2 (50)

Mechanical Specifications 

Outer Diameter Nominal mm (in) 5.5 (0.217)
Cable Weight kg/m (lb/ft) 0.033 (0.022)
Minimum Bending Radius, Single Bend mm (in) 66 (2.6)
Minimum Bending Radius, Multiple Bends mm (in) 83 (3.3)
Recommended / Maximum Clamp Spacing m (ft) 1 / 1.2 (3.25 / 4)

F/O Cable Specifications

Number of F/O Strands1
F/O Cable Type   G657-A2 Single Mode, Bend Tolerant
Core/Clad µm 9/125
Secondary Protection Nominal µm (in) 900 (0.035)
F/O Standards (Meets or Exceeds)   UL Listed Type OFNR (UL1666), RoHS Compliant
Optical Loss dB/Km 0.5 @ 1310 nm
0.5 @ 1550 nm
FO Break-out Length (Top) mm (in) 279 (11)
FO Break-out Length (Bottom) mm (in) 228 (9)
Cable Sealing Method   Semi-rigid flame-retardant polyolefin, with hot melt adhesive
Fiber Termination End 1LC Connector
Fiber Termination End 2LC Connector with Elongated Clip

Cable Jacket 

UV-Protection Individual and External Jacket   Yes
Jacket Material   Flame Retardant, Indoor/Outdoor, PVC, Black

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F) -40 to 70 (-40 to 158)
Operation Temperature °C (°F) -40 to 65 (-40 to 149)
Installation Temperature °C (°F) -20 to 65 (-4 to 149)
Jacket Specifications   UL 1666


Installation Guidelines: Download

QuickShip 2.0 Program Information:  Download

On-line Factory Test Results: View


Specifically designed for Samsung RRH. 

Additional Assemblies - 1 Pair SM Fiber 

Model Number Length, ft
FR-N-1SM-01-10FS 10
FR-N-1SM-01-20FS 20
FR-N-1SM-01-30FS 30
FR-N-1SM-01-40FS 40
FR-N-1SM-01-50FS 50
FR-N-1SM-01-60FS 60
FR-N-1SM-01-70FS 70
FR-N-1SM-01-80FS 80
FR-N-1SM-01-90FS 90
FR-N-1SM-01-100FS 100

Additional Assemblies - 2 Pair SM Fiber 

Model Number Length, ft
FR-N-2SM-01-10FS 10
FR-N-2SM-01-20FS 20
FR-N-2SM-01-30FS 30
FR-N-2SM-01-40FS 40
FR-N-2SM-01-50FS 50
FR-N-2SM-01-60FS 60
FR-N-2SM-01-70FS 70
FR-N-2SM-01-80FS 80
FR-N-2SM-01-90FS 90
FR-N-2SM-01-100FS 100

Additional Assemblies - 1 Strand SM Fiber 

Model Number Length, ft
FR-N-1SSM-01-10FS 10
FR-N-1SSM-01-15FS 15
FR-N-1SSM-01-20FS 20
FR-N-1SSM-01-30FS 30
FR-N-1SSM-01-40FS 40
FR-N-1SSM-01-50FS 50
FR-N-1SSM-01-60FS 60
FR-N-1SSM-01-70FS 70
FR-N-1SSM-01-80FS 80
FR-N-1SSM-01-90FS 90
FR-N-1SSM-01-100FS 100
FR-N-1SSM-01-120FS 120
FR-N-1SSM-01-130FS 130
FR-N-1SSM-01-150FS 150
FR-N-1SSM-01-160FS 160
FR-N-1SSM-01-170FS 170

Additional Assemblies - 2 Strand SM Fiber 

Model Number Length, ft
FR-N-2SSM-01-10FS 10
FR-N-2SSM-01-15FS 15
FR-N-2SSM-01-20FS 20
FR-N-2SSM-01-30FS 30
FR-N-2SSM-01-40FS 40
FR-N-2SSM-01-50FS 50
FR-N-2SSM-01-60FS 60
FR-N-2SSM-01-70FS 70
FR-N-2SSM-01-80FS 80
FR-N-2SSM-01-90FS 90
FR-N-2SSM-01-100FS 100



RFS now offers Kitting options for most hybrid risers and jumpers that include both the cable assembly and the Raycap inserts. For reference, kits have a “K” as the third digit in the model number. HB158 does not require an additional gland/insert for proper installation and sealing into the Distribution Boxes.

Kit Model Prefix Assembly Prefix Assembly Qty Raycap Insert Kit Insert Kit Contents Raycap Insert Kit Qty
HBK114 HB114 1 RFS-TRUNK-KIT (2) 190‐0620, Insert, M75, 1H, 40mm 1
HBK058 HBF058 RFS-JUMP-KIT (1) 190‐0621, Insert, M75, 3H, 22mm, Split w/ plugs
HBK012 HBF012 RFS-JUMP-KIT-2 (1) 190‐0903, Insert, M75, 2H, 15mm, Split w/ plugs
FRK-N FR-N RFS-FIBER-KIT (1) 190‐0657, Insert, M75, 6H, 6.1mm, Split w/ plugs