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Power Dividers
LPD, MPD, PD, SPD Series

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Power dividers are manufactured in a broad range of styles and types for varied applications. Generally a power divider consists of a junction block with a multi-stage quarter wave transforming section. Unequal power division may be achieved by adding quarter wave transforming sections between the junction block and the outputs.

Power dividers are available in 4 basic series:
LPD series - Low cost , low power equal split dividers using N type connectors.

MPD series - Low cost, low power equal split dividers (up to 4 way) using 7/8"" EIA input connectors and N type output connector.

PD series:
Used for most common applications with up to 8 way division with ratios of up to 7dB in almost any combination. Wideband performance with multistage transforming sections, 7/8"" EIA flanged input and EIA or DIN output connectors. Connectors are in-line to conserve space.

SPD series:
Similar to PD series but with up to 4 way split. EIA or IEC connectors, short circuit stub across the junction provides tuning and DC grounding. Additional low power arms are available where unequal power splits are required.


  • Low VSWR
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Fully welded outer construction
  • Connectors are DIN, EIA or IEC standards
  • Temperature range -40° to +60° C available
  • EIA connectors have fixed male output spigots
  • Available in 4 basic series 
    • LPD
    • MPD
    • PD
    • SPD
  • Unequal power dividers with a wide range of power division ratios available and engineered to customer requirements. Contact RFS for details.

SPD power dividers.

Technical features

General Specifications

Product LineComponents
Product TypePower Dividers

Electrical Specifications

Frequency BandVHF Band I, VHF Band II, VHF Band III, UHF Band IV/V
Input Return LossdB26
Input ImpedanceΩ50 unbalanced
Output ImpedanceΩ50 unbalanced
Power Division RatiodB< 6
Power Division VariationdBwithin 0.5 of specified ratio
Output Phase Variationdegrees< +/-10

Mechanical Specifications

Number of Outputs2 to 6

PD and LPD power dividers.

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