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Gas Tube Surge Arrestor Type N male female, bulkhead

Rev : G | Rev date : 07 Jan 2021

Surge arrestors are designed to protect wireless base stations, switching centers and transmission line from the damaging effects of extreme high voltage surges caused by lightning strikes. Lightning strikes, even on grounded systems, can implant crushing voltages on RF transmission lines, creating voltage spikes on the center conductor of coaxial cable and putting the network out of commission. The new RFS lightning protection devices are designed and tested to the most demanding specifications. They are rated to protect against both direct and indirect multiple strikes in the harshest environments imaginable. Their rugged construction utilizes solid metal housings, beryllium-copper contacts and superior plating, which results in outstanding system protection and operating continuity.


  • Broadband operation  DC to 2.5 GHz
  • DC continuity on center conductor for reliable operation
  • Replaceable 230 volts gas capsules for easy maintenance
  • compliancy to IEC 61643-21


Technical features


Product LineCoaxial Cable Components
Product TypeSurge Arrestor
Surge Arrestor TypeGas Tube
Coaxial Cable TypeFoam Dielectric, Ultraflexible Foam Dielectric, Radiating Cable

Mechanical Specifications

Connector AN Male
Center Contact Connector ABrass, gold plated
Outer Contact Connector ABrass, three metal plating (Copper-Zin-Zinc Alloy)
Connector BN Female
Center Contact Connector BSpring Bronze, gold plated
Outer Contact Connector BBrass, three metal plating (Copper-Zin-Zinc Alloy)
BodyBrass, three metal plating (Copper-Zin-Zinc Alloy)

Silicone rubber

Sealing classIP65
Mounting / GroundingBulkhead; Thread for grounding M8

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range - MHzDC - 2500
VSWR, Return LossVSWR (dB)0-1000 MHz: 1.10 (26.4)
1000-2500 MHz: 1.22 (20)
Insertion Loss, dB (Max)dB


Surge current handling capability

40 kA single / 20 kA multiple, Pulse 8/20 µs

Residual pulse

350 µJ typically (test pulse 4 kV 1.2/50 µs / 2 kA Pulse 8/20 µs)

Temperature Specifications

Operation Temperature °C (°F)

-45 to 85 (-49 to 185)


Spare Part / Useful AccessoriesUC230, Grounding Wire Kit: GW-16/20 : Spare capsule

Packaging Information

Package Quantity1

All dimensions are in mm; tolerances according to ISO 2768 m-H

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