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NGV-C170-SBL Series
High-band VHF Broadband Slot Antennas with Enhanced Front to Back Ratio for NextGen Single Frequency Networks. Low Wind-load, Elliptically or Circularly Polarized.

Rev : 02 | Rev date : 28 Apr 2021


The NGV-SBL (Suppressed Back Lobe) series antennas are ideal for multi-channel Next Generation TV networks. These antennas are designed to reduce radiation in the rear direction to minimize interference to adjacent services. For difficult network planning scenarios, these antennas will enable the network designer to meet the FCC requirements without resorting to large reductions in radiated power.
The high-power rating and broadband performance allow multiple channels to be transmitted from an SFN site, thus reducing capital costs and providing consistent coverage across channels. Elliptical or circular polarization is available for improved transmission to portable and indoor devices. 
The NGV-SBL family of antennas provide both top-mounted and side-mounted solutions in a low wind load format. 
A wide range of radiation patterns are available. The RFS Antenna Selection Tool contains pattern data for all NGV antenna models and works alongside modern SFN planning tools to help you choose the right NextGen antenna for each SFN site. To download, click Here


  • Broadband performance from CH7-13 for multi-channel SFN networks allows infrastructure sharing and reduces overall CAPEX.
  • Reduced rear radiation (suppressed back-lobe design) simplifies network planning for difficult sites reducing the need for large ERP reductions to mitigate interference.
  • Broadband performance for multi-channel SFN networks allows SFN infrastructure sharing and reduces overall CAPEX.
  • Low wind-load reduces tower loads thus simplifying SFN site acquisition.
  • Large range of azimuth radiation patterns – simplifies the SFN planning process to provide optimum network coverage. 
  • Broadband elliptical or circular polarization performance – improves signal penetration and network performance.
  • Supplied with brackets for side mounting to a wide range of tower leg sizes.



Product Type   NextGen-TV Broadcast Antenna

Electrical Specifications 

Antenna Type   Broadband Slot Antenna
Operating Frequency Range MHz 174-216
Polarization   Elliptical or Circular
Azimuth Radiation Pattern   Cardioid C170
VSWR   <1.1:1
Impedance Ohms  50

Mechanical Specifications 

Radome Diameter mm (in) 571 (22.5)
Pressurization Operational kPa (psi) 10 to 25 (1.4-3.6)
Pressurization Test kPa (psi) 100 (15)


Material - Radome   UV Resistant Fibre Glass
Material - Insulators   Virgin PTFE
Material - Support Pole / Mounting   Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
Material - Feedline & Radiators   Copper
Material - Reflecting System   Aluminum
Color   White, others on request

Model Number Specifications 

Antenna Model   NGV04-C170-SBL NGV06-C170-SBL NGV08-C170-SBL NGV12-C170-SBL
Number of Bays   4 6 8 12
Elevation Gain at 195MHz Numerical 5.1 6.8 9.7 13.7
Azimuth Pattern Directivity Numerical 2.0  
Peak Gain at 195MHz Numerical 10.1 13.6 19.4 27.3
Peak Gain at 195MHz dBd 10.1 11.3 12.9 14.4
Standard Beam-Tilt [note 1] 2.0 1.5 1.5 1.0
Power Rating: High Power Model kW 15 23 30 45
Connector: High Power Model   3-1/8" EIA 3-1/8" EIA 3-1/8" EIA 4-1/16"
Power Rating: Low power Model kW 7 12 14 24
Connector: Low Power Model   1-5/8" EIA 3-1/8" EIA 3-1/8" EIA  3-1/8" EIA
Mounting Type   Side Side Side Side
Height m (ft) [note2] 6.61 (21.7) 9.92 (32.5) 13.22 (43.4) 19.83 (65.1)
Weight kg (lb) [note2] 420 (926) 630 (1389) 840 (1852) 1260 (2778)
Effective Area Front (No Ice)

m2 (ft2)
[note 2,3,4]

2.66 (28.6) 3.99 (42.9) 5.32 (57.3) 7.98 (85.9)

External Document Links

Antenna Selection Tool: Download


Note 1: Other Beam-tilts available on request

Note 2: Data shown is for side mounted antennas 

Note 3: Design Parameters in accordance with TIA-222-G are:

  • 160 kmh (100 mph) Basic Wind Speed with no ice
  • Structure Class II
  • Topographic category 1, Exposure category C
  • Interface steelwork to tower not included in calculations.

Note 4: Moment of arm from mounting pole to centre of antenna = 0.65m (2.1ft).