Combination preparation tool (Universal Trimming Tool), CELLFLEX® Cable 1 1/4" for connector families OMNI FIT Standard B32 and RAPID FIT 062/072

Rev : E | Rev date : 27 Jul 2015
This special trimming tool improves the cable preparation prior to connector attachment. No further tools are required to prepare the cable for the connector attachment. This is due to the unique design of the trimming tool, which combines all necessary functions in one tool. It can be used for CELLFLEX® LCFS/UCF114-50 foam dielectric cables in combination with the OMNI FIT Standard connector family B32 and RAPID FIT families 062/072.

The Universal Trimming Tool Series offers the additional advantage to be convertible to different connector families and cable types and sizes (CELLFLEX® cables and RADIAFLEX® cables 1 1/4” and 1 5/8”) only by changing the inserts. Different inserts are available as optional items, for references see below or contact your RFS sales contact.


  • Universal Trimming Tool concept
    One basic tool can be used for cable sizes 1 1/4"" and 1 5/8"" only by changing the insert
  • Precision cable preparation tool
    Always exact and repeatable trimming dimensions.
  • Intuitive use of tool
    Easy and precise preparation of cables for connector installation.
  • Long-lasting cutting blades
    Easy to clean, smooth dielectric surface improves IM performance.

TRIM-SET-L114-XXX shown

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Other available inserts to convert the tool for use with other connector series or cable sizes:
  • TRIM-IL114-D01 for connectors D01 on cable LCFS/UCF114-50
  • TRIM-IL114-C02 for connectors C02 on cable LCFS/UCF114-50
  • TRIM-IL158-001 for connectors B32, 062/072 on cable LCF158-50
  • TRIM-IL158-D01 for connectors D01 on cable LCF158-50
  • TRIM-IL158-C02 for connectors C02 on cable LCF158-50
  • TRIM-IR114-P01 for all connectors on RADIAFLEX® cables 1 1/4” with copper foil outer conductor except for jacket options JFCLA
  • TRIM-IR158-P01 for all connectors on RADIAFLEX® cables 1 1/4” with copper foil outer conductor except for jacket options JFCLA

Technical features


Product LineCoaxial Cable Accessories
Product TypeTool
Transmission Line TypeLCFS114, UCF114
Coaxial Cable TypeFoam Dielectric
Cable Size1 1/4"
Type of ToolCombination Cable Preparation Tool
ConfigurationUniversal Trimming Tool


Spare Part / Useful AccessoriesSpare blades : TRIM-B31

Mechanical Specifications

ColorAluminum color
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Length mm (in)260 (10.2)
Height mm (in)130 (5.12)
Width mm (in)110 (4.33)

Packaging Information

Package Quantity1