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PrimeLine Antenna, Ultra High Performance,
High Cross Polar Discrimination, Dual Polarized, 10ft

Rev : A | Rev date : 11 Mar 2019
RFS PrimeLine Antennas are designed for all microwave applications that require best RF performance, especially where interference could be an issue.
A choice between tested and validated ultra-high (ETSI EN 302 217 Class 3 and FCC Class A) electrical performance.
Sizes ranging from 0.6 m (2 ft) to 4.6 m (15 ft)
Dual-polarized models with the ability to change frequencies in the field in most cases


  • Extremly high XPD performance for complete isolation between the radions in each polarization
  • Excellent radiation patern envelope (RPE), particularly in cross-polar area
  • Support for winds up to 200 km/h (125 mph) with high-wind versions that support winds up to 252 km/h (155 mph) and an optional sway bar for added assurance in case mistakes are made during installation
  • A single-piece or a split-reflector configuration and compact packaging to reduce transportation costs
  • 8 ft (2.4m) to 12 ft (3.7m) diameters can be ordered in split reflector configuration too. The split design provides a reduced packaging volume which minimises shipping cost.
  • The expected degradation of the XPD for split design reflectors is less than 2 dB due to the special method of reassembling the reflector on site.
  • Frequencies ranging from 4 GHz to 15 GHz with support for one ultra wideband frequency range (5.725-7.125 GHz) to reduce antenna requirements and simplify logistic
The design of the model number UXA10-105ACSQGE (HIGH WIND & HIGH ICE CONFIGURATION) features :
  • a reinforced mounting structure
  • 4 sway bars, strategically located
  • a PVC coated radome optimized for areas with high wind and snow appearance
  • antenna and radome in gray color
This specific design allow the antenna to survive in High Wind and High Ice climate and withstand :
  • a 250km/h (155mph) survival wind speed with 25mm (1 inch) of radial ice
  • a 225km/h (140mph) survival wind speed with 55mm (2 inches) of radial ice

Antenna with snowradome

Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypePoint to point antennas
PerformanceUltra High, High Cross Polar Discrimination
Antenna InputCPR90G
Antenna colorGray RAL 7000
Swaybar4: 3 x (3.0 m x Ø60 mm), 1 x (1.5 m x Ø60 mm)

Electrical Specifications

Frequency GHz10.5 - 10.7
3dB beamwidthdegrees0.7
Low Band GaindBi47.8
Mid Band Gain dBi47.9
High Band Gain dBi48
F/B Ratio dB80
XPD dB40
IPI dB45
Max VSWR / R LVSWR / dB1.06 (30.7)
Regulatory ComplianceETSI EN 302217 Range 1, class 3
FCC Category A

Mechanical Specifications

Diameter ft (m)10 (3)
Elevation Adjustment degrees± 5
Azimuth Adjustment degrees± 5
Polarization Adjustment degrees± 5
Mounting Pipe Diameter minimum mm (in)114 (4.5)
Mounting Pipe Diameter maximum mm (in)114 (4.5)
Approximate Weight kg (lb)290 (638)
Survival Windspeedkm/h (mph)252 (155)
Operational Windspeedkm/h (mph)190 (118)


Radome MaterialPVC coated fabric

Further Accessories

optional Swaybar4: 3 x (3.0 m x Ø60 mm), 1 x (1.5 m x Ø60 mm)
Further AccessoriesSMA-SKO-UNIVERSAL-L : Universal sway bar fixation kit


Dimension_Amm (in)3220 (126.8)
Dimension_Bmm (in)1640 (64.6)
Dimension_Cmm (in)550 (21.7)
Dim_D-114mm(4.5_in)Pipemm (in)190 (7.5)
Dimension_Emm (in)370 (14.6)
Dimension_Fmm (in)1440 (56.9)

Mount outline High Ice High Wind antenna


Fa Axial force max. @ survival wind speed N (lb)30266 (6781)
M Torque maximum @ survival wind speed Nm (ft lb)Nm (lb ft)16000 (11875)
Fs Side force max. @ survival wind speed N (lb)14984 (3356)



listed wind speeds are on "ASD" level