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RFS Virtual #MWC21 Experience

28 Jun– 13 Jul 2021 Virtual, ES

Discover industry firsts that will stand the test of time

You know RFS as the company that’s been delivering industry firsts for more than 120 years. Our industry firsts last. Inventions we delivered decades ago are still considered the industry benchmark. Our world-renowned CELLFLEX® coax cables and RADIAFLEX® radiating cables are just two examples.

Today, we continue the tradition, delivering industry firsts and innovations from tunnels to tower tops. Our end-to-end RF solutions target your toughest challenges for 5G and beyond to make your life easier today and tomorrow.

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Our MWC21 online experience lets you hear from our leaders and discover our latest industry firsts and innovations as if we were at the show.  

Macro site
Add 5G to crowded towers with narrow, aerodynamic base station antennas that reduce windloading by up to 25%.

Microwave links
Cost effectively backhaul 5G data from urban environments to suburbs and beyond with innovative dual-band microwave antennas.

Optimize 5G performance in tunnels with radiating cables that deliver consistently high system performance end-to-end.

Bring 5G indoors in an efficient and cost-effective way with end-to-end passive distributed antenna (DAS) systems that support frequencies up to 6 GHz.

Urban solution
Strengthen 5G in the most congested environments with a broad range of urban solutions that overcome physical and technology challenges.