Hoisting Grip for HCA550 Coaxial Cable, Lace-Up

Rev : D | Rev date : 25 Jul 2023

The hoisting grip consists of a wire mesh with 2 hoisting eyes, lace up version. Multiple use version covering several sizes.


Antenna Transmission Line Installation

  • Hoisting stockings distribute the force during installation
  • It holds the antenna transmission line by means of friction over their complete length
  • The closed version (C-Type) is used when top connector is installed after the antenna transmission line is hoisted
  • The open version (L-Type) is used where the top connector is installed prior to the hoisting

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Maximum cable length per hoisting grip
Cable type Length [m]
HCA550 40

Technical features


Product LineCoaxial Cable Accessories
Product TypeHoisting Grip
Transmission Line TypeHCA550
Coaxial Cable TypeAir Dielectric
Cable Size5-1/2"
Configuration2 loops attachment

Mechanical Specifications


Galvanized steel

Packaging Information

Package Quantity1