Fiber Distribution Box, including SC/APC adapters and pigtails, indoor/outdoor, up to 96 fibers, steel

Rev : A | Rev date : 17 Jan 2022

RFS' HYBRIFLEX  A fiber optic distribution box, designed for wall or pole mounting within indoor or outdoor environments. This box is manufactured from powder coated steel. Optimised for use within RoF (Radio over Fiber) systems, fusion splice cassettes are included to ensure full fiber management and the relevant number of high precision SC/APC adapters and high performance pigtails. The door is lockable to ensure a level of security. The combination of features ensures a truly future proof connection point which will enable multi wavelength services to be delivered over the same infrastructure.


  • Provides interconnection for trunk, distribution and patch cords
  • Fiber optic splice cassettes ensure splice protection and optimum fiber routing
  • Splice cassetes stacked to enable non disruptive installation or reconfiguration
  • High precision SC/APC adapters provide excellent optical performance, stability and repeatability
  • Controlled door opening (120°), simplifies access under challenging conditions
  • High performance SC/APC pigtails ensure optimum performance within RoF and other applications

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Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypeHybriflex

Mechanical Specifications

Materialsheet metal
MountingWall mounted, pole, aerial installation

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F)-25 to 65 (-13 to 149 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-25 to 65 (-13 to 149 )
Installation Temperature °C (°F)-25 to 65 (-13 to 149 )

Cables Supported

Supported F/O ConnectionsSC / APC

Additional Information

Outer Diameter380 mm × 350 mm × 90 mm380 mm × 350 mm × 90 mm380 mm × 350 mm × 120 mm550 mm × 450 mm × 120 mm550 mm × 450 mm × 120 mm
Quantity of Pigtails included1224364896
Splitter and Adapter Ports1224364896
Insertion loss (adapter&pigtail)≤ 0.3dB≤ 0.3dB≤ 0.3dB≤ 0.3dB≤ 0.3dB
Return loss (SC/APC)≥ 60dB≥ 60dB≥ 60dB≥ 60dB≥ 60dB
Operation Humidity≤95%(30℃)no corrosive gases around≤95%(30℃)no corrosive gases around≤95%(30℃)no corrosive gases around≤95%(30℃)no corrosive gases around≤95%(30℃)no corrosive gases around
Atmospheric pressure70Kpa~106Kpa70Kpa~106Kpa70Kpa~106Kpa70Kpa~106Kpa70Kpa~106Kpa

Example for 96 pairs