412" EIA Connector for 5" Coaxial Cable, Gas stop / Gas pass, O-Ring Sealing

Rev : G | Rev date : 07 May 2024

Radio Frequency Systems line of high performance HELIFLEX® coaxial cable connectors are characterized by excellent gas tightness and extremely low losses. HELIFLEX®Lite connectors can be installed with basic hand tools, but the use of dedicated installation tools further facilitates ease of assembly and improves performance.
RFS connectors are fully tested for mechanical and electrical compliance specifications.
HELIFLEX®Lite premium connectors have excellent electrical values and provide outstanding performance for the most demanding applications. The RFS connector design provides maximum sealing integrity and gas tightness.


  • Easy installation utilizing only basic hand tools.
  • Tab flare of outer contact attachment means quick and simple installation.
  • No need for sealing compound. The connector is ready for pressurization immediately after installed to the cable.
  • Excellent gas tightness. Overpressure for increased voltage handling is maintained throughout the system.
  • Outstanding VSWR performance improves overall system performance.
  • Totally waterproof, assures safe, long term operation in the harshest of environments.  
  • RoHS (EU) and CRoHS (China) compliant, can be used on a global basis.

Connector 4-1/2" IEC


  1. The connector is converted to gas pass by drilling through the pilot hole in the insulator.
  2. Connector does not include an inner connector.
  3. Gas inlet: NPT1/8"
  4. Peak power capability: 1560 kW
  5. Average power capability (at 40°C ambient temperature): 27.5 kW @ 860 MHz
  6. Proof voltage, max.:12.5 kV

Technical features

General Specifications

Transmission Line TypeCoaxial Cable
Cable Size5"
Cable TypeAir Dielectric
Model SeriesHCA495-50 Series
Connector Interface4-1/2" EIA (50 Ω) per IEC 60339-2
Connector Type

Gas stop / Gas pass - See Note 1.

Sealing Method
O-ring seal
GenderFemale - See Note 2.

Electrical Specifications

Connector Frequency Range GHzDC - 860MHz
VSWR, Return LossVSWR (dB)DC - 860MHz: 1.02 (40)

Mechanical Specifications

Plating Outer/Innersilver
Length mm (in)205.9 (8.071)
Outer Diameter mm (in)176.6 (6.929)
Weight kg (lb)10 (22.046)
Body Materialcopper alloy / nickel plated
Inner Contact Materialcopper alloy / silver plated

Testing and Environmental

Waterproof LevelIP68 (pressure-tight up to 4 bar / 400 kPa)
STORAGETEMPERATURECF °C (°F)-70 to 85 ( to )