Single Multi-block hanger, with angle member adapter

Rev : E | Rev date : 27 Sep 2022

Single Multi block hanger support systems are designed for organizing bundled runs of coax cable.
Each space-saving block securely holds one run of coax, allowing a compact bundle of up to 3x runs to be supported by stacking three blocks.


  • Single Multi Blocks are manufactured of polypropylene providing thermal, chemical and UV resistance in all environments.
  • They come including angle member adapter and necessary hardware.
  • The angle member adapter fastens the clamp to the tower without drilling.
  • The angle member adapter includes a tower member set screw.
  • The hanger mounting rod may be located in either of two mounting holes, depending on orientation of the fixing member.
  • Compliant to RoHS (EU 2002/95/EC) and CRoHS (China SJ/T11363-2006) i.e. usable on a global basis.

picture shows MBHS78-2-F for illustration purpose

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For applications under wind speed conditions from 160 km/h (100 mph) up to 200 km/h (125 mph) a maximum clamp spacing of 1.0m (3.25 ft) must not be exceeded.

Technical features

General Specifications

Product LineCoaxial Cable Accessories
Product TypeHanger
Hanger TypeSingle Multi-block
Transmission Line TypeLCF158
Cable TypeCoaxial Foam Dielectric

Mechanical Specifications

Cable Size1-5/8
Number of Cable / Waveguide Runs1 per layer, 2 layers, 2 runs
Configurationincl. Angle member adapter
Angle member adapter clamping range mm (in)4 / 24 (0.157 / 0.945 )
Angle member adpter threads2x M8

Metal part: Stainless steel
Plastic parts: Polypropylene

Length mm (in)258 (10.1) see picture below (L)
Height mm (in)92 (3.62) see picture below (H)
Width mm (in)54 (2.13) see picture below (W)
Recommended / Maximum Clamp Spacing m (ft)1 / 1.5 (3.25 / 5)

Temperature Specifications

Operation Temperature °C (°F)-50 to 85 (-58 to 185 )
Storage Temperature °C (°F)-50 to 85 (-58 to 185 )

Packaging Information

Package Quantity10
Weight per piece kg (lb)0.35 (0.77)
Weight per kit kg (lb)3.7 (8.15)

picture shows MBHS78-3-F for illustration purpose