RSB Cleat

Rev : E | Rev date : 19 Apr 2024

Cleat for RSB Clip


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Only usable in combination with RSB-12, RSB-78, RSB-114, RSB-158 and waveguide clamps RSB-100, RSB-130/150, RSB-185, RSB-220, RSB-300/380

Technical features

General Specifications

Product LineCoaxial Cable Accessories
Elliptical Waveguide Accessories
Product TypeHanger
Hanger TypeRSB Cleat
Installation Hardware TypeRSB Cleat
Cable TypeCoaxial Foam Dielectric

Mechanical Specifications

Number of Cable / Waveguide Runs1
Angle member adapter clamping range mm (in)1 / 25 (0.039 / 0.9 )
Angle member adpter threads2x M8

Cleat: Aluminium
Screw: Stainless Steel

Temperature Specifications

Installation Temperature °C (°F)-50 to 85 (-58 to 185 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-50 to 85 (-58 to 185 )
Storage Temperature °C (°F)-50 to 85 (-58 to 185 )

Packaging Information

Package Quantity10