4.3-10 Male Right Angle Connector for 1/2" Coaxial Cable, OMNI FIT™ Premium, Polymer claw and compression sealing

Rev : B | Rev date : 06 May 2024
OMNI FIT™ high performance connectors are designed for use with both CELLFLEX® (copper) and CELLFLEX® Lite (aluminium) cables. They are designed specifically to provide the highest quality connector-cable interface while simplifying and speeding up connector attachment. All RFS connectors are fully tested for mechanical and electrical compliance to industry specifications.
The 4.3-10 connector is an innovative, space-saving RF connection meeting all requirements even under the most severe environmental conditions and not relying on coupling nut torque. Sealing against outer conductor and jacket by means of the polymer claw and 360° compression fit. Multifunctional, self-lubricating HighTech polymer assembly locks on cable corrugation, avoids electrochemical potential differences and compression-fits to the jacket.


  • Ultra high PIM performance i.e. reduced interference leading to high customer satisfaction
  • Two-piece design i.e. visual inspection of interlocking leads to improved installation security
  • OMNI FIT™ concept i.e. streamlined order management and reduced stock level
  • Watertight sealing in mated and unmated condition, i.e. reduced efforts during installation and improved security during operation
  • Unique NiTin plating i.e. extreme resistance against corrosion even under hardest climatic and environmental circumstances
  • Multi-thread (Tristart) design i.e. simplified and accelerated tightening process
  • RoHS (EU) and CRoHS (China) compliant i.e. can be used on a global basis

OMNI FIT™ Premium Connectors

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Technical features

General Specifications

Transmission Line TypeCoaxial Cable
Cable Size1/2
Cable TypeFoam Dielectric
Model SeriesLCF12-50 Series, ICA12-50 Series, RCF12-50 Series
Connector Interface4.3-10
Connector TypeOMNI FIT™ PREMIUM Right Angle
Sealing MethodPolymer claw + 360° Compression

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Impedance, ohmsOhm50
3rd Order IM Product @ 2x20 Watts dBc-163 ; typical -167
Maximum Frequency GHz6
VSWR, Return LossVSWR (dB)0 < f ≤ 2.2 GHz: 1.04 (34.2)
2.2 < f ≤ 2.7 GHz: 1.06 (30.7)
2.7 < f ≤ 3.7 GHz: 1.13 (24.3)
3.7 < f ≤ 5.0 GHz: 1.20 (20.8)
5.0 < f ≤ 6.0 GHz: 1.33 (17)

Mechanical Specifications

Plating Outer/InnerNiTin/Silver
Length mm (in)66.1 (2.6)
Outer Diameter mm (in)47.2 (1.86)
Inner Contact AttachmentBasket
Outer Contact Attachment360° clamping


Wrench size front mm (in)22 (7/8)
Wrench size rear mm (in)22 (7/8)
Trimming ToolTRIM-SET-L12-D01, TRIM-LCF12-D01-A

Testing and Environmental

Waterproof LevelIP68