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4-1/2" IEC Female Connector for 5-1/2" Coaxial Cable, Gas barrier, Sealing compound

Radio Frequency Systems line of high performance coaxial cable connectors are designed specifically to provide the highest quality connector-cable interface while simplifying and speeding up the attachment of connectors to HELIFLEX® coaxial cables. RFS connectors are fully tested for mechanical and electrical compliance specifications. They are available in all popular cable sizes in a variety of mating interfaces. To join two cables with IEC connectors, two identical socket connectors are installed on either end of the cables to be joined, and a coupling element is used to make the connection of the center conductor. The coupling element must be ordered separately with the exception of the S-Line male versions that have a captivated coupling element. Connectors are available in sizes matching the nominal cable size. IEC connectors provide optimal power handling for the complete transmission line system.


  • Excellent gas tightness, Overpressure for increased voltage handling is maintained throughout the system
  • Robust Mechanical Design, Superior and consistent performance guarantees outstanding system characteristics.
  • Extremely low reflection factor, Outstanding low reflection factor improves overall system performance and margin and reduces mismatch losses
  • Totally Waterproof according to IP 68, Assures safe, long term operation in the harshest of environments. System tightness doesn't have to rely on overpressure from dehydration equipment.

Connector 4-1/2" EIA

Technical features

General Specifications

Transmission Line TypeCoaxial Cable
Cable Size5-1/2
Cable TypeAir Dielectric
Model SeriesHCA495-50 Series
Connector Interface4-1/2" IEC
Connector TypeGas barrier
Sealing MethodSealing compound ┬╣ )

Mechanical Specifications

Plating Outer/InnerSilver/Silver
Length mm (in)300 (11.81)
Outer Diameter mm (in)212 (8.35)
Weight kg (lb)5 (11.02)
Inner Contact AttachmentThreaded
Outer Contact AttachmentTab Flare

Testing and Environmental

Sealing Volume, cm3 (ounces)cm³ (ounces)250 (8.45)

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┬╣) The sealing compound must be ordered separately.