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7-16 DIN Male Right Angle Connector for 1/2" Coaxial Cable, OMNI FIT™ standard, O-ring sealing

OMNI FIT™ high performance connectors are designed for use with both CELLFLEX® (copper) and CELLFLEX® Lite (aluminum) cables. They are designed specifically to provide the highest quality connector-cable interface while simplifying and speeding up connector attachment. All RFS connectors are fully tested for mechanical and electrical compliance to industry specifications.
The 7-16 connector is the most rugged RF connection meeting all requirements even under the most severe environmental conditions.


  • Cost effective two-piece design for safe and easy installation
  • Compatible with copper and aluminium cable types i.e. one connector for both outer conductor materials eliminates the risk of faulty connector installation and helps to keep inventory down
  • Robust mechanical design for low and consistent intermodulation performance i.e. keeps the mobile network performance up reduces the number of dropped calls and avoids revenue losses
  • Superior electrical performance for consistent and repeatable VSWR i.e. ensure network system performance
  • Waterproof to IP 68 i.e. no downtime risk, secures revenue
  • RoHS (EU) and CRoHS (China) compliant i.e. can be used on a global basis


Technical features

General Specifications

Transmission Line TypeCoaxial Cable
Cable Size1/2
Cable TypeFoam Dielectric
Model SeriesLCF12-50 SeriesICA12-50 SeriesRCF12-50 Series
Connector Interface7-16 DIN
Connector TypeOMNI FIT™ Standard Right Angle
Sealing MethodO-Ring
GenderMale Right Angle

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Impedance, ohmsOhm50
3rd Order IM Product @ 2x20 Watts dBc
-157 ; typical -160
Maximum Frequency GHz 6.0
VSWR, Return LossVSWR (dB)0 < f ≤ 1.0 GHz: 1.04 (34.1)
1.0 < f ≤ 2.2 GHz: 1.07 (29.4)
2.2 < f ≤ 2.7 GHz: 1.09 (27.3)
2.7 < f ≤ 3.7 GHz: 1.13 (24.3)
3.7 < f ≤ 5.0 GHz: 1.25 (19.1)
5.0 < f ≤ 6.0 GHz: 1.30 (17.7)

Mechanical Specifications

Plating Outer/InnerTrimetal/Silver
Length mm (in)57.9 (2.28)
Outer Diameter mm (in)38.7 (1.5)
Weight kg (lb)0.135 (0.3)
Inner Contact AttachmentBasket
Outer Contact AttachmentSpring C-Ring


Wrench size front mm (in)20 (13/16)
Wrench size rear mm (in)20 (13/16)

Testing and Environmental

Waterproof LevelIP68

716MR-LCF12-C03 Outline drawing