7-16 DIN Female Connector for 1-5/8" RADIAFLEX® cable

Rev : B | Rev date : 06 May 2024

The P02 premium performance coaxial cable connectors are designed specifically to provide the highest quality connector-cable interface while simplifying and speeding up the attachment of connectors to RADIAFLEX® cables. The connectors should provide outstanding value to users because they permit quick, easy and reliable installation


  • Designed for Fast and Easy Installation - Reliable and simple attachment avoids unnecessary connector adjustments and provides
  • Outstanding performance. Saves time and provides cost savings
  • Robust Mechanical Design - Best in class PIM performance
  • Excellent Electrical Performance - Low VSWR
  • Totally Waterproof - Assures safe, long term operation in the harshest of environments



In order to achieve the PIM specs. the use of the trimming tool is mandatory.

Technical features

General Specifications

Transmission Line TypeCoaxial Cable
Cable Size1-5/8
Cable TypeRadiating
Model Seriesall RLF, RLK and RAY158-50A-Series
Connector Interface7-16 DIN
Connector TypeStraight
Sealing MethodShrinking Sleeve

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Impedance, ohmsOhm50
3rd Order IM Product @ 2x20 Watts dBc
-155 / -160 (typ.)
Maximum Frequency GHz2.8
VSWR, Return LossVSWR (dB)0.0-1.0 GHz: 1.03 (36.6)
>1.0-2.0 GHz: 1.06 (30.7)
>2.0-2.8 GHZ: 1.08 (28.3)

Mechanical Specifications

Length mm (in)81.4 (3.2)
Outer Diameter mm (in)59.5 (2.34)
Body MaterialBrass / Plating: Tri Metal
Inner Contact MaterialCopper / Plating: Silver
Inner Contact AttachmentSpring Finger / Plating: Silver


Wrench size front mm (in)SW 55 (2.16)
Wrench size rear mm (in)SW 55 (2.16)
Poly Hook Spanner mm (in)PHS60-90-5 Ø 60-90 (2.4-3.5)
Trimming ToolTRIM-SET-R158-P02

Testing and Environmental

Waterproof LevelIP68
INSTALLATIONTEMPERATURECF °C(°F)-25 to 60 (-13 to 140)
STORAGETEMPERATURECF °C (°F)-70 to 85 (-94 to 185)
OPERATIONTEMPERATURECF °C(°F)-40 to 85 (-40 to 185)