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March 29, 2017

600MHz Antennas and Conditioning Products

Enables Telecom Operators to Utilize New Spectrum to Achieve Greater LTE Capacity


To support the transition to the 600MHz spectrum, RFS has introduced high-performance 6ft and 8ft base station antennas available in two-port or six-port models as well as high-reliability conditioning products. The dual polarized base station antennas feature a uniquely designed integrated field replaceable AISG RET platform. Keeping the AISG RET platform removed from the environment while still allowing access for field swaps helps ensure long-term use of the operators’ investment.

The two-port single band antennas are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide a single package solution for advanced use in both 600MHz and 700MHz deployment scenarios. The six-port triple band antennas offer flexible use in deployment scenarios encompassing 600MHz, 700MHz, AWS and PCS applications. All models feature high gain, supreme elevation plane performance, 4.3-10 connectors and premium RF characteristics.  Each antenna package includes manual RET override functionality to allow for field adjustable electrical tilt for important use cases such as ad-hoc testing at the site where AISG accessibility becomes cumbersome.

Along with the new antennas, RFS is debuting compact 600 MHz conditioning products, including tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs), diplexers, triplexers and quadplexers with features such as DC sensing-AISG bypass and compatibility with the 4.3-10 connector standard. Automatic DC sensing and AISG bypass bring increased flexibility to site installations by allowing combiners to automatically adjust to site requirements and route DC and control signals through the antenna line system accordingly – ensuring the right bypass for any installation.  The latest RF conditioning diplexers will serve purposes such as combining 600MHz with high band (AWS, PCS, WCS and BRS) or with 850MHz frequencies. For top of the tower 600MHz applications, TMA products offer AWS/PCS amplification with low band bypass.


Features Benefits
Field replaceable (integrated) AISG RET platform Reduces environmental exposure and ensures long lasting quality
Excellent front-to-back ratio

Reduces interference from neighboring cells

A wide variety of 600 MHz conditioning products also available Provides a total-package solution from a single supplier
All products available with 4.3-10 connectors Delivers optimized PIM stability and allow customers to achieve the highest performance
Featured Products
APXVA18_43-C-A20 Dual Slant Polarized Single Band (2 Port) Antenna, 584-746MHz, 65deg, 14.7dBi, 6ft, RET, 0-12° Tilt Range

Dual Slant Polarized Single Band (2 Port) Antenna, 584-746MHz, 65deg, 15.7dBi, 8ft, RET, 0-10° Tilt Range

APXVARR18_43-C-NA20 Dual Slant Polarized Triple Band (6 Port) Antenna, 584-746/1695-2200/1695-2200 MHz, 65deg, 14.3/18.0/18.0dBi, 6ft, RET, 0-12°/0-10°/0-10 Tilt Range
APXVARR24_43-C-NA20 Dual Slant Polarized Triple Band (6 Port) Antenna, 584-746/1695-2200/1695-2200 MHz, 65deg, 15.7/18.5/18.5dBi, 8ft, RET, 0-10°/0-10°/0-10° Tilt Range
FDJ85020D7-S ShareLite Twin Diplexer 555-806/824-960 MHz with DC/AISG Sense, Dual configuration
FTA4PK5030-S ShareLite Twin Triplexer 555-748 MHz/1850-1990 MHz/1695-1780 & 2110-2200 MHz, DC Sensing-AISG Pass
ATMA4P4DBP-1A20 UltraAmp Twin AWS/PCS Dual Diplexed Tower Mounted Amplifier with 555-960 Bypass, AISG 2.0 Compatible & CWA