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November 4, 2009

700 MHz Wideband Antennas

APX75-86 Series - 698-896MHz 40° 65° & 80° - Fixed Electrical Tilt Antennas


Ready to support the imminent rollout of LTE wireless services in North America, 700 MHz wideband antennas from RFS display all the capacity, precision and durability demanded by today's quickly evolving marketplace. These Optimizer® antennas, complemented by an unrivaled portfolio of premium RF conditioning technology, prove RFS' long-term leadership and commitment in the 4G marketplace.

RFS Optimizer® antennas are built to consistently meet capacity requirements and provide only the best network performance. They deliver a combination of reliability and growth-adaptability that translates into sustained cost-savings for small and large carriers alike.

700 MHz Wideband Antennas exhibit unmatched cross polarization diversity that :

  • Is suited for MIMO technology, and thus increases bandwidth
  • Boosts RF performance and improves call quality
  • Requires less antennas per sector
  • Simplifies zoning and leads to faster deployments

In addition, with its 10 fine-tuned manufacturing centers, RFS is ready to support even the most ambitious rollout schedules and help carriers deliver on their LTE promises.


Features and Advantages
Rugged construction High reliability
Low PIM No system down-time, high call quality and reduced number of dropped calls
Excellent upper sidelobe suppression Allows for high mechanical tilt applications
High gain Provides better coverage
Wideband frequency performance Enables a single antenna to be used for a variety of applications, streamlining deployments and reducing inventory