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July 30, 2014

E-Band Antennas for 71-86 GHz Frequency Bands

RFS extends CompactLine® Easy range with 1ft and 2ft E-Band antennas for front and backhauling applications


RFS’ two new E-band (71- 86GHz) antennas, the SB1-W800BYYY and the SC2-W800BYYY, provide the optimal combination of electrical and mechanical performance coupled with cost-effectiveness. Like all RFS CompactLine antennas, these new additions are designed for ease-of-use in five key areas: network design, transport, deployment, installation and upgrade. The new frequency band antennas are currently available in 1ft or 2ft options.  CompactLine E-band antennas have an optimized packaging volume, with the most compact design on the market and a low weight of 6kg (SB1) and 9kg (SC2) that reduces zoning challenges and installation costs.
RFS E-band antennas have been fully tested to comply with ETSI Class 3 and FCC standards and RF specifications have been validated by actual results:

  • SB1-W800Cyyy : ETSI Class 3
  • SB1-W800Cyyy-FCC : FCC
  • SC2-W800BYYY: ETSI Class 3 and FCC

The CompactLine EASY antennas meet RFS’ rigorous quality standards and have been thoroughly tested for resistance to humidity, condensation, salt, vibration and wind.  RFS ensures extreme stability of the link even in wind speeds of 320km/h (SB1) and 250km/h (SC2).

Features Benefits

ETSI Class 3 and FCC Compliant

Meets the most stringent standards in the industry

Survival windspeed of 320km/h (198mph) for the SB1 and 250km/h (156mph) for the SC2 Ensures extreme stability of the link even in the case of high winds
The most compact and lightest 1ft and 2ft antennas on the market Lowers installation and shipping costs and eases zoning complexity
Ideal for front and backhaul applications in densely populated environments
Increases bandwidth for high data capacity