April 6, 2022

E-Band Microwave Antennas for 71-86 GHz mmWave Frequencies

Increase 5G backhaul capacity and microwave link reliability in urban environments


As mobile operators look to backhaul massive volumes of data through increasingly congested urban networks, the ability to use strategic, ultra-high-capacity E-band frequencies with no worries about interference is extremely important. RFS’ new 1-ft and 2-ft E-band microwave antennas provide the rugged reliability and superior electrical performance needed to maximize E-band radio performance and deliver on these needs. The antennas feature: 

  • Support for operational windspeeds of 250 km/h
  • Super-high gain
  • High cross-polar discrimination (XPD)
  • High front-to-back ratio 

When the light, compact and low-profile 1-ft E-band antennas are combined with the higher power E-band radios now available, operators can support longer distance E-band links with higher quality of service (QoS) anywhere in the world. The E-band microwave antennas also feature optimized packaging to reduce transportation fees and overall total cost of ownership (TCO) in deployments globally.

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