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September 1, 2008

Mobile TV RF filters

To prevent interference between co-located broadcast mobile TV and phone services, Radio Frequency Systems has developed three new mobile TV-ready RF filter solutions. The new filters—a 2kW and a 5kW low-pass filter, plus a 0.6kW UHF band-pass filter with integrated low-pass filter—deliver premium RF performance across the 470 to 862MHz band.


The sophisticated RFS filtering solutions meet the two-stage filtering requirements of broadcast mobile TV services co-located at mobile base stations.

  • Low-pass filtering is essential to mitigate the natural harmonic signals produced by mobile TV transmissions, which can degrade existing wireless communications networks, causing call drop-outs.
  • Band-pass filtering, also known as transmission mask filtering, is essential to eliminate spurious transmitter signals that may cause blocking of cellular receivers.

Two-in-one filtering: the 6PX80E

To meet the dual filtering challenge, RFS's new 6PX80E band-pass filter with integrated low-pass filter provides mobile TV network operators with a unique two-in-one mobile TV filtering solution that has never-before-seen levels of flexibility. The one unit provides both transmission mask and low-pass filtering. Premium transmission mask filtering is provided by a sophisticated six-pole cross-coupled band-pass filter, plus insertion loss is just 0.6dB. Further flexibility comes from the unit's rack-mount capability, which allows it to be easily installed and retrofitted.

Dedicated low-pass filters

RFS's new 2kW LPF8E4 and 5kW LPFS16E4 low-pass filters attenuate all frequencies, including harmonics, above the UHF TV broadcast band. Unlike competing filters that extend only to 2.5GHz, RFS's new low-pass filters reject unwanted frequencies up to 4.5GHz. In addition, the filters are highly selective, boast unequalled stop-band rejection performance, and feature impressive insertion loss performance-typically 0.06dB.

All the filters are extremely compact and easy to install, and complement RFS's full range of broadcast RF filters and combiners for DTV and mobile TV.



Unique two-in-one combination of band- and low-pass filter

Delivers transmission mask filtering and low-pass filtering in one unit.

Prevents interference to co-located mobile base stations.

Unequaled stop-band rejection in low-pass filters

Attenuate all frequencies-including harmonics-above the UHF TV broadcast band to avoid interference.

Low-pass filters reject unwanted frequencies up to 4.5GHz

Exceeds rejection bandwidth of competing devices by at least 2GHz.

Exceeds rejection bandwidth of competing devices by at least 2GHz.

Easy installation or retrofitting

Compact size

Ideal for easy installation