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September 7, 2009

Peak Power+ line of filters and combiners

The Peak Power+ line of filters and combiners have been specifically conceived for the very high peak-to-average power ratio nature of digital television (DTV), and represent a breakthrough in coaxial filter technology.


The considerably higher peak power of digital television (DTV), as compared to traditional analog television, can be a source of real problems for broadcast operators and owners. Elevated peak powers in DTV transmitters can led to tripping of broadcast systems and consequently to important revenue loss.

RFS' breakthrough Power Peak+ line of filters and combiners effectively tames the "peak power beast", allowing DTV to be safely transmitted at higher power levels, and taking up less space than the previous solutions.

By removing the power peak handling limitations imposed on DTV transmitter systems, broadcast operators can look forward to uninterrupted operation of their systems, and increased revenue through the safe addition and diversification of digital channels and services to their existing infrastructure.

Features and Advantages
Handles very high peak power levels Allows safe transmission of digital television (DTV) signals
Removes peak power limit


More transmitters can be combined safely on a single site
Compact size Takes up less space than previous power capacity waveguide combiner solutions
Optimization of heat sinking Safer handling of system by personnel