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November 23, 2016

RF X-TREME APXVHCWW*XD Base Station 65 °Antennas

RFS’ 8-Port Broadband 65° Antenna Series Enables the Network Expansion Desired By Operators Without Increasing Costs


RFS’ RF X-TREME base station antenna series has just expanded from its 6 port X2 predecessor to an 8 port design with all the premium benefits of the X2 series. RFS’ new HCWW*XD 8-port antennas provide industry leading gain combined with the best vertical pattern control of similar antennas available today. The HCWW*XD series provides greater flexibility for cell site optimization with its industry leading low band tilt range, improved Sector Power Ratio (SPR), simple installation and more! Its enhanced dipole diplexing technology allows users to perform independent electrical down tilt of both 700MHz and 800MHz coverage.

These antennas provide high-performance quad-band capability in a compact triple-band package without compromising electrical performance. The HCWW*XD series allows operators to implement 4xMIMO on four distinct bands using two radomes all while avoiding new leasing costs. This platform increases capacity to allow operators to keep up with the growing demands of today’s networks. It also increases signal integrity, improves peak data speeds and results in improved battery life for end users.

Enhanced dipole diplexing technologyAllows the 700MHz and 800MHz signals to be independently optimized in the field
Integrated smart Bias-T’s

Allows electrical down tilt control to be performed at the bottom of the tower.

Same package size of 6 port antennaAdded site capacity with no change to existing antenna package
Superior upper side lobe suppressionReduces interference between neighboring cells
Variable integrated electrical downtiltFlexibility to adapt to changing cell site environments for best signal integrity
2 AISG Input/Output PairsOptional AISG Control for low band and high band signals
Reduced wind loadingIncorporates a sleek radome design