April 15, 2010

RFS’ Dual & Quad Pol High Band Base Station Antennas with UBB Technology Ideal for LTE testing worldwide

Replacing or adding antennas to accommodate different technologies or frequencies delays time-to-market, is expensive and can lead to difficult negotiations with landlords. With the RFS Ultra-Broadband Antennas, operators can invest once then effectively forget about antenna replacement issues and focus on evolving their business.


Available in dual polarization or side-by-side quad polarization versions, the Ultra-Broadband Antennas include premium performance features: High gain for better coverage, high upper sidelobe suppression for reduced interference, excellent front-to-back ratio and performance stability across frequencies.

A vision for the future...RFS is ready to partner with operators, OEMs and installation companies on LTE, to answer their questions, help them face their challenges and provide the wireless infrastructure needed to reap LTE's full benefits - today and tomorrow.

Features and Benefits

High Gain

Provides better coverage



No system down-time, high call quality and reduced number of dropped calls

Variable electrical downtilt that is adjustable from 0-12 degrees

Provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell interference

Side-by-side Quad - two x-polarized broadband panels in a single radome  


Increased flexibility to support multiple technologies and seamlessly add capacity without increasing tower loading

Software defined radio (SDR)

Provides frequency flexibility for LTE roll-outs

Side-by-side Quad

Enables MIMO 4xn, 4-Way RX Div and beamforming