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April 11, 2008

RFS Ferrocom ferrite devices

The new suite of RFS Ferrocom ferrite isolators and circulators is specially engineered to enhance stability, performance and reliability of RF systems by compensating for mismatch between system components. The devices are ideal for a wide range of commercial mobile and public safety base stations, plus RF and microwave systems.


Exhibiting premium electrical performance and unsurpassed overall quality and reliability, RFS Ferrocom devices are ideal for applications where low insertion loss, high linearity and ability to withstand high-power are critical. In addition, the devices exhibit industry-leading intermodulation performance.

Supporting frequencies from 80MHz to 40GHz, the RFS Ferrocom suite encompasses three main types of ferrite device:

  • Drop in’—delivering cost-effective and space-efficient solutions
  • Coaxial—ideal for low-frequency applications
  • Waveguide—most used for high-frequency applications (typically 26 to 40GHz), or those requiring extremely low insertion loss

Over 2000 existing designs are available, plus the devices can also be custom-designed to suit precise specifications. All devices support easy integration into RF systems, including a wide range of factory-integrated modules—such as the ‘isoadapter’ (for bridging coaxial and waveguide applications), the ‘isodetector’ (featuring detector circuitry), or the ‘isofilter’ (incorporating filters to provide out-of-band frequency rejection).


Features and Advantages
Premium electrical performance: low insertion loss, excellent intermodulation performance, excellent linearityPremium system performance and efficiency with no wasted power
Rated to high power—up to 250W forward power and up to four times as much peak powerDeflection of reflected power prevents electrical equipment from overheating
Expansive range of devices (over 2000 models, from 80MHz to 40GHz)Flexible options to suit any application: commercial mobile and public safety base stations, RF and microwave systems, broadcast equipment
Manufactured from the highest-quality materials, precision-engineered, factory-testedLong product lifecycle—three year warranty
Designed with high margins on tech specsPremium performance guaranteed