March 31, 2010

Tower Mounted Amplifier

RFS is pleased to introduce a twin GSM1800 Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA) to their extensive line of TMAs. This TMA utilizes our new hardware platform that features a unique and extremely reliable assembly and integrations method. It is designed for 1800 MHz site deployments that require improved receiver sensitivity and enhanced site coverage.


The twin TMA (Model Number ATM181412D) can be used with any type of OEM Base Station requesting a gain of 12dB and working in the full bandwidth of the GSM800 MHz band.

The TMA is designed with a Current Window Alarm (CWA) mode Base Station interface. CWA alarm monitoring allows simple and cost efficient site deployment - the best choice when AISG and Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) are not needed.

If the Base Station does not provide TMA support, RFS can offer a complete system, including the power distribution unit (PDU) and the Bias-Tee, to provide the required DC feed and alarm reporting at the Base Station.

The TMA is engineered with a robust enclosure design and high RF performance in both noise figure and TX insertion loss, thus providing clear performance benefits for mobile operators.


Features and Benefits

Full bandwidth and dual duplex 1800MHz design

Wide variety of applications

Twin TMA module in a single enclosure

Compact design eases handling and reduces tower loading

12dB gain         

Strengthens up-link coverage

Low noise figure

Increases sensitivity

TMA use in networks     

Improves link-budget

RX auto bypass switch function

Enhances network reliability